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A new home for

hunting regulations.

One app with every hunting law and regulation for all of the game you can hunt.

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Every Type of Game

Get the info to hunt every type of game. From the blaze orange requirements on a bear hunt to private land feral hog trapping regulations.

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A more efficient way to check the season dates for every species. You'll never have to second guess what's in season.


Regline has all of the regulations to help you prepare for any hunt. All of the laws & regulations from every state's booklet in one app.

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View and buy hunting licenses from every state. Whether you need to buy licenses for an out-of-state weekend hunt or you're preparing for a year of hunting and fishing at home.

Hunt the states

It's like every state hunting app combined into one. With regulations, seasons, & licenses all together, it's easier to find the information you need to hunt, no matter where you go.