An iPhone with a screenshot of the Regline app. The contents of the page include details about Cohutta WMA in Georgia. It includes details like a map, description, acreage, and available game you can hunt on the piece of land.

A new home for

hunting regulations.

One app for every hunting law and regulation. We’re reading the booklets and web regulations so you don’t have to.

Confidently know how, when, and where to hunt. Discover hunts in a new state or master the regulations at home. Either way, hunting is easier with Regline.

Beginning in the southeast and expanding rapidly.

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View game seasons, limits, regulations, and more.

Learn what types of game you can hunt on any piece of public land. Regline is the easier way to find season dates, limits, and game regulations.

Graphic elements of Deer seasons and regulations taken from the Regline app.
Interface elements from the Regline app displaying pieces of land from search results after a search for hunting land.

Discover public land.

Search for public land based on the hunt you want to plan. Filter by types of game, dates, state, and weapon type.

Learn license and education requirements.

See what licenses and education you need so you can hunt confidently.

Graphic elements from the Regline app of hunting licenses and a tool to search for hunting licenses.